Martha Stewart Gives Trump The One Finger Salute In AWESOME Viral Photobomb

Martha Stewart may have just won the photobomb of the year award with her awesome one finger salute directed at the portrait of Donald Trump.

It all started when a bystander was taking a photo featuring paintings of both Trump and rapper Snoop Dogg by Andres Serrano at Frieze New York when she suddenly found her picture being invaded by a surprise celebrity photobomber.

Stewart stood between the two portraits and posed, giving her good friend Snoop Dogg’s photo the peace sign while giving Trump the finger.

The photo was shared on Instagram where it quickly went viral. The bystander also took another, more “politically correct” photo of Stewart giving both portraits the peace sign.

It looks like Stewart gave the “Commander-in-Diapers” the salute he properly deserves.

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