Emmanuel Macron Greets Leader of The Free World – Totally Owns Trump (VIDEO)

French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron walked towards this approaching group of world leaders ready to welcome them to the NATO summit. President Donald Trump was positioned in such a way that he would be the first leader greeted by Marcon and the world held its breath for the inevitable “handshake battle.”

However, the world would have to wait for the next Trumpty Dumpty/Macron handshake because in a magnificent piece of diplomatic ballet the French Prime Minister swerved at the last moment to shake hands with Germany’s Angela Merkel first. After giving her a friendly hug Macron pressed palms with Belgian Prime Minster Charles Michel and NATO secretary general Jen Stoltenber before Trump gets fed up waiting and reached his hand out towards him.

Only then did Macron finally give Trump the attention he craved.

The beautiful moment when the Trumpster is left hanging while the grown-ups say hello to each other might just become my new screen saver because watching it never, ever gets old.

Featured Image from YouTube video.

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