LGBT Hate Group OMM Goes After ‘Claws’ Show That Isn’t Afraid Of Reality (VIDEO)

One Million Moms claims to care about how today’s media negatively affects children. In reality, OMM is nothing more than an anti-LGBT religious fundamentalist group that will do whatever it can to force its views onto others.

That means indoctrinating their own children with its noninclusive, hateful views – views that, according to recent studies, do more to damage brains than any other outside influence could.

The Claws Come Out

OMMs latest campaign against equality and inclusion targets a brand new dramedy on the TNT network called Claws. According to Urban Mecca, Claws is like:

“Beauty Shop meets Big Little Lies meets Breaking Bad.“ 

Situations such as money laundering, drug addiction, mental illness, and even having children out of wedlock (Gasp!). These are all things that happen to normal Christians and non-Christians every day.

God Makes Them Do It

Run by its parent hate group, the well-known American Family Association (AFA), OMM members pride themselves in showing children just how much they hate anyone who is different from them.

They’re a special kind of hate group. While they’ll attack anyone who is different, or non-Christian, they like to focus on, and pay special attention to, the LGBT community.

The current campaign against Claws claims:

  • “Dark program where Christianity and Catholicism is blasphemed
  • Prostit-tion ring discussed in front of Girl Scout troop
  • Raw s-x that surpasses soft p-rn
  • Domestic violence with men punching women
  • Nail salon owner’s husband (who wears a rosary) owns strip club
  • Stripp-rs on pole at funeral in front of priest
  • N-dity
  • Homos-xual and l-sbian oral s-x”

While the First Amendment gives OMM the right to practice their religion how they see fit, it does not give them the right to force their religion onto others. Period.

Except, that is exactly what they try to do each time they force others to live under their so-called “Godly” rules. Like don’t watch sex on TV. Or even write the word “sex.”

When did we go back to fourth grade where we can’t even spell the words “nudity” or “sex” without having to take three showers to get the “filth” off?

That’s not a world I want my kids to live in.

We are NOT a Christian nation for a reason. Get over yourselves and get with the times.

Join PinkNews and sign their petition to TNT to keep Claws on television, and join us in showing One Million Moms that equality is where it’s at.

Because any God that thrives on hating others is a devil in my book, and doesn’t deserve your faith, or to be around my children.

Equality and love rule under my roof. Not your hateful God.

Watch the Claws trailer:

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video

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