Letterman SLAMS Trump As ‘Big Wealthy Dope’ Who Makes Him ‘Sick’

David Letterman said what we are all feeling about Trump:

“I’m disappointed that this man is representing me and my country. It makes me sick.”

He said this about having Trump on his show as a guest.

“He was a great guest. He was just a big, wealthy dope who’d come on and we would make fun of his hair. I would refer to him as a slumlord. But now, this goon… I don’t know.”

He added:

“He’s demonstrated himself to be a man without a core, a man without a soul. Is there a guy in there?”

He said he would love to have 90 minutes in a studio with Trump:

“I would love to have 90 minutes with him in a TV studio, just to talk to the guy. I would just like to say, ‘All right, Don: What the f*ck happened?’”

Trust me. We all feel you, Dave. Trump is a horrible president. He is unhinged, and he is making us look horrible abroad. We had a tough, talented, qualified candidate, and America elected this washed up reality star.

This administration has been a total shitshow. He is under Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigation for colluding with Russia to win the election. He gave classified code word secrets to Russian officials while they were visiting the White House. The FBI director James Comey was fired because he was actually making headway in the investigation. It is a total mess right now. David Letterman hit the nail on the head this time.

Featured image via Twitter.

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