Former Mexican Pres. Vicente Fox RELENTLESSLY Trolls Trump: ‘The Last Guy Had A Much Bigger One’

On Wednesday, former Mexican President Vicente Fox continued his public feud with Donald Trump by unleashing a new video mocking both Trump’s attention span and “small man” complex.

In the video, produced by a company called Super Deluxe, Fox wastes no time kicking Trump straight in his orange marble-sized balls with a brutal comparison between little Donnie’s inauguration crowd size and that of former President Barrack Obama.

Fox said first shows a picture of his inauguration explaining how it was “one of the proudest days of [his] life” because he was thinking:

“I have been honoured with the massive burden of millions of expectations, and I must do my absolute best to be worthy of that trust.”

Vicente Fox
Vicente Fox Trolls Trump Featured Image Via YouTube

Fox then shows a picture of Trump at his inauguration joking how Trump was more concerned “that the last guy had a bigger one.”
To top off his expertly executed “crowd size” joke, Fox smirked and said:

“Donald,” he said cheekily, “his is much bigger.”

Fox then took aim at another area where Trump tends to come up “short.” His attention span.

The former Mexican president pulls out a fucking gorgeous piece of triple chocolate cake stating he had a very important message and needed the bees in Trump’s brain to focus. He then places the cake in front of him while proceeding to lecture Trump on how to be a president.

And in an awesome piece of directing, the camera intermittently focuses on the cake while Fox is talking, making sure Trump stays focused.

While many celebrities, politicians, and comedians have done funny videos mocking Trump, Fox’s video probably one of the best to date.

And since Fox is retired, he probably has lots of free time to drive America’s ego-sensitive “Commander-in-Diapers’ absolutely fucking bonkers.

Happing Trolling El señor Presidente.

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