Karma Strikes Back: Readership For Breitbart.com Plummets Since Trump Took Office

It’s one of former President Obama’s favorite quotes, and it comes from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr: “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

In the Age of Donald Trump, alt-right white nationalism, rampant racism, and hatred run amok, it may seem that the arc will never bend towards anything other than more darkness.

And then karma comes along and reminds us all that benevolent forces beyond our understanding are indeed in control.

Still unconvinced? Well consider this: Breitbart.com, where senior presidential adviser Steve Bannon once reigned supreme, is now in big trouble.

In November, shortly after the election, Breitbart’s new CEO, Larry Solov, bragged that the website’s reader base was deep and loyal. He also predicted that the right-wing news hub would continue to be one of the most-trafficked blogs in the world:

“While several publishers have enjoyed an uptick in traffic due to election coverage, we are proud to have built a massive and deeply-rooted.”

But the facts tell a much different story, as Vanity Fair‘s Tina Nguyen reports:

“Just a few months later, the numbers have a different story to tell. As of May 26, 2017, according to Alexa.com—the same web-ranking analytics company that Breitbart drew its numbers from in January—Fox News is the 64th most-trafficked site in the country. Huffington Post is at 60. Buzzfeed is at 50. The Washington Post, on the strength of a series of eye-popping scoops, is at 41.

“Breitbart is in 281st place.”

The sound you just heard is Steve Bannon banging his head against the wall of his office inside the West Wing of the White House.

When contacted for a statement on the dismal numbers, Breitbart.com spokesman Chad Wilkinson said he really doesn’t have time to discuss the matter:

“I don’t follow the traffic all that much and I am heading out of town. I will see what I can find in the meantime but I don’t anticipate having a hard answer in the next 13 or 14 hours.”

Translation: Holy shit, we’re sinking! Someone toss me a fucking lifeline!

The sound you now hear is me–and tens of millions of others–laughing our asses off.

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