Historian Asks, Why Is Mike Pence Getting A Free Pass On All Of His Lies?

As controversy continues to swirl around Donald Trump’s possibly high crimes and misdemeanors, and as investigations of the matter move forward in Congress, the one person being overlooked in all of this would seem to be Mike Pence. And that, a noted historian says, needs to change.

Allan Lichtman, a history professor at American University, says it’s quite clear that Trump needs (and will be) impeached. But does that mean Pence would become head of state? Not so fast, Lichtman told CBC:

“The media has given Mike Pence a huge pass. He lied about Gen. (Mike) Flynn, he lied about the reasons why Comey was fired, and the media says he was misled. We don’t know that he was misled, that’s a supposition on the part of the media. In fact, maybe he was part of this whole operation right from the start, and maybe he’s in it as deeply as Donald Trump — we do not know, and an impeachment investigation needs to look at Mr. Pence, as well.”

Well said! While Pence and his acolytes may like to pretend he all but walks on water and is so very moral and upright, that rings hollow when you consider all the lies Pence has told since he took office.

Lichtman also noted that FBI Director James Comey was fired just a day after former acting Attorney General Sally Yates testified, and that Trump himself had said the Russia investigation was partially why he decided to let Comey go:

“That’s at least borderline obstruction of justice. Add to that the fact that the White House pretty transparently conspired earlier with Rep. (Devin) Nunes to derail the House investigation into possible Russian collusion. Putting it all together, and you’ve got a probable cause case for obstruction of justice — and there’s only one way of dealing with that, constitutionally.”

Here’s another way of looking at Pence’s possible involvement: If he did know about the collusion with Russia and real reason for Comey’s firing, he’s complicit and should be impeached. If he didn’t know, he’s clearly incompetent and not bright enough to hold the highest office in the land. Either way, he should be toast, just like his moronic boss.

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