Fox News Nosedives: Ranks #3 In Primetime For First Time In 17 Years

These are dark days at Fox News. First they lost Megyn Kelly to NBC News, then Bill O’Reilly was let go from the network for decades of alleged sexual harassment. Sean Hannity has made rumblings of being unhappy since Fox News’ CEO Roger Ailes was fired, also for sexual harassment. Ailes passed away last week at the age of 77.

But the one thing Fox has always been proud to trumpet at the top of their lungs is their ratings. For 17 years, they’ve owned the coveted 25-54 demographic group in prime time ratings.

Not anymore.

Fox News–which normally dominates cable news ratings in all time slots– lost out to rivals MSNBC and CNN in the prime time demo from Monday to Friday last week, according to the latest Nielsen ratings.

Since it debuted in 1996, Fox has steadily climbed into the top position, easily beating rivals CNN and MSNBC in the ratings, but with their recent upheaval and unwillingness to spotlight scandals in the Trump administration, they’ve lost viewers to the competition, both of whom have been hitting the Trump-Russia story surrounding President Donald Trump hard.

MSNBC now stands in first place, with average of 610,000 viewers over the course of the week. CNN was second at 588,000, and Fox had an average of 497,000.

Since O’Reilly left Fox, Rachel Maddow has been dominating prime time. She has focused a great deal of her attention on the Trump scandals, and that seems to be paying off for MSNBC.

Will Fox shuffle their lineup to try and get back into the ratings gold? Only Rupert Murdoch knows for sure.

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