Fox News Host Says Trump’s Midnight ‘Covfefe’ Tweet Proves He Has The Stamina Hillary Lacked

Just in case you were under the impression that Fox News could not possibly be more completely in the bag for President Trump and willing to downplay, overlook, or even ignore every bizarre and stupid thing he does, what happened on Wednesday was proof that Fox will resort to any means necessary so they can solidify their hold on being head ass-kisser for their beloved Donnie Con Man.

As part of a discussion on the president’s strange midnight tweet in which he referred to “the constant negative press covfefe,” Fox host Jon Scott claimed Wednesday morning that the bizarre spelling is verification Trump has “stamina.” Specifically, Scott opined:

“People are enjoying it, you’ve got to give him that. It was a big issue during the campaign. He often accused Hillary Clinton of not having the energy, the stamina to be president.”

Enjoying it? Not sure that’d be the word I’d use to describe the relentless mocking and shaming Trump had to take for his reference to whatever the hell “covfefe” actually means.

But Scott, undeterred, decided to wade into the Bullshit River even further, adding:

“So, he was up tweeting at 12:06 a.m., even if it wasn’t exactly a, well, coherent tweet. And then at 5:00 a.m., he deleted it. So, I guess the president is, as he said, a man who needs only a few hours sleep. At any rate, he got 126,000 retweets and 160,000 likes for ‘covfefe.'”

So this is the standard we now use to determine a person’s stamina? If they’re awake at midnight and then again at five to post and delete a message on social media, they win the prize? Holy shit! The way Fox and the Trump apologists keep lowering the bar, pretty soon a slug will be able to fit under it.

My bad: A slug already oozed under it, and his name is Donald Trump.

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