‘Fox & Friends’ Dunces Say Lester Holt Was ‘Disrepectful’ For Interrupting Trumpie

The dull knives at the morning show Fox & Friends are always good for a laugh or two, and on Friday they really outdid themselves.

Discussing Lester Holt’s NBC News interview with the Traitor-in-Chief, Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, and Ainsley Earhardt weighed in on the matter, and they were very upset that Holt was so tough on the illegitimate POTUS, with Doocy going first and commenting:

“And we heard a lot from the president, although, you heard a lot from Lester Holt. Brian, you were talking about this a minute ago. They released at NBC a two minute and 34 second clip. During that, Mr. Trump, the president of the United States, was interrupted at least nine times by Lester Holt. We’ve put together a little montage of that just to give you a flavor of what the NBC interview was like.”

What?! A real journalist unlike the ass kissers at Faux News dared to interject and ask follow-up questions of the pathological liar who works out of the Oval Office? What’s the world coming to?!

Then it was Kilmeade’s turn to prove that his intelligence registers somewhere between an amoeba and a lobotomized possum:

“Right, and if he had the same approach with President Obama, whose answers are longer, more drawn out, and, for many people who only get five minutes with the president, very frustrating. And do you remember when [Fox News host] Bret Baier interviewed the president, and he had to — President Obama, and he jumped in a few times and say, ‘Listen, I only have a certain amount of time. I just want to follow up.’ He was roundly criticized. ‘You got to let the president finish, you’re being disrespectful.’ How disrespectful was that?”

Oh yeah, I remember President Obama. He was the sane, rational, normal guy who used to be president. The Fox News shitbirds and Twat Waffle currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue tried for years to insinuate Obama wasn’t really born in the United States. That’s real respectful, isn’t it?

Hey, Fox & Friends crew and Don the Con: It’s called karma, and it’s pronounced Ahahahahaha!

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