Former FOX Staffers Questioned As Second Federal Agency Launches Shiny New Probe (VIDEO)

Just when you thought you heard the last of the negative news about Fox News, here we are again with yet another truth that will keep people talking.

A second law enforcement agency is now watching Fox. According to Brian Stelter of Reliable Sources on CNN, the Justice Department and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service have been conducting interviews with Fox staffers for weeks now.

A report by Gabriel Sherman in New York Magazine a few weeks ago stated that the USPIS are investigating some people at Fox for mail and wire fraud as part of their investigation into management and business practices.

What a coincidence! It seems to be a perfect backup proof to Stelter’s report, don’t you think?

Now back to Stelter…

The CNN report quotes a certain source who gave him information that the Feds were initially looking into the countless sexual harassment cases filed against former Chairman and CEO of Fox, Roger Ailes.

According to his source, the Justice Department, and the USPIS are, on the other hand, examining:

“…How the shareholder money was spent; who knew; and who should have known.”

What do you think? Can Fox News get any lower?

Image is a YouTube screengrab.

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