The European Verdict On Donald Trump: ‘He Is Very Crazy’

As he begins the final leg of his nine-day overseas journey, President Trump made a stop at the Vatican and will also be meeting with NATO allies in Brussels.

Though he’s only been on the European continent briefly as American head of state, lots of those who call it home have some very strong opinions about him.

In Italy, Orasti Gionti, who works for a consulting company, had this to say of Trump:

“The first impression is that he’s crazy and dangerous. Maybe he’s tricky.”

But Chowdhury Rafiquizzaman, a fruit vendor, was not nearly as generous, declaring:

“He is crazy. Not only crazy, he is very crazy.”

Carlo Oxoli owns a bookstore, and overall couldn’t care less about Trump or the United States:

“We have so many problems with our own politics that the president of the United States is not my first problem. Sometimes I think he thinks he’s on ‘The Apprentice.’ A big ‘Apprentice.’”

But let’s take a moment and consider the things about Donald Trump which may not be apparent upon first inspection of the man, especially from the distance of another continent:

  • He is a petty, shallow, ignorant jackass.
  • He would not hesitate to declare martial law in the United States and keep us all locked in our homes.
  • Donald Trump is racist, a misogynist, a sadist, and gets off on sexually harassing women.
  • Trump is very possibly a traitor who sold his tiny, blackened soul to Vladimir Putin.

So to dismiss Trump as “very crazy”–which he most certainly is–would be to underestimate the full danger this asshole poses to both the United States and the rest of the world.

Featured Image Via the White House

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