REJECTED!: Ellen DeGeneres Shuts Trump Down HARD, Says She’ll Never Allow His Hate on Her Show

Ellen Degeneres
Ellen Degeneres Donald Trump Featured image via YouTube

Ellen DeGeneres, host of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” recently sat down with Matt Lauer on NBC’s “Today” show and revealed her true feelings about President Donald Trump.

When asked by Lauer if she knew Trump well or had ever interviewed him, DeGeneres said she’d met him once sometime within the first two years of her talk show when they did a promo together.

“I don’t know him,” she explained. “I mean, I know him from ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ because when we first started the show — I think season 1 or 2 — we went out there and we filmed something with him. So, I flew in his helicopter and I did a bit with him, so I knew him then.”

However, the comedian said that she had no contact with him since he decided to run for President.

Lauer then asked if she’d ever have the President of the United States on her show. At first, Ellen seemed a bit ambivalent to give an answer. However, within a moment her heart appeared to take over.

“No,” She said definitively.”

She continued, “Because I’m not going to change his mind. He’s against everything that I stand for. We need to look at someone else who looks different than us and believes in something that we don’t believe in and still accept them and still let them have their rights.”

Kudos to Ellen for standing up for what’s right and not lowering herself in search of ratings.

Of course, it would have been fun to see her Trump walk on her show expecting a harmless softball interview (Jimmy Fallon), only to be greeted by Chris Matthews inside the body of Ellen DeGeneres.

However, by not allowing him on her show, Ellen is in many ways sending a much more powerful message. She’s refusing even give the appearance of normalising hate.

We can expect Trump to lash out at Ellen at some point over being snubbed, but I suspect she may be too busy dancing and having fun to notice the little man’s tantrum.


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