Dear Donald And Melania: This Is How A First Couple Holds Hands–Love, Barack And Michelle

For the second day in a row, Donald Trump tried to take Melania’s hand and hold it, only for the president to be rebuffed by the first lady. Here they are getting off the plane in Rome on Tuesday:

Granted, Mrs. Trump may have just needed to swipe her hair from her eyes so she could see as she began to walk down the stairs leading to the tarmac, but this comes 24 hours after she literally slapped Donnie’s hand away in Israel:

Yikes! How obvious is that?

What makes all of this even better if you’re not a fan of the Trump’s is something former White House photographer Pete Souza posted today which reminded us all what a couple that’s truly in love looks like:

Holding hands.

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And Twitter fell in love all over again with former President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama, making us all a bit nostalgic for when we had a real president, a First Lady who isn’t a former nude model, and a marriage that was clearly meant to be:

Now I’m not about to say I have any insight into what type of marriage Donald and Melania have, but the fact that she doesn’t seem wild about holding his hand says something you don’t exactly have to be a marriage counselor to decipher.

Also, consider these facts:

  • Donald is 70; Melania is 47.
  • Donald and Melania do not appear to have anything in common, other than the fact that they both manage to spend his money quite well.
  • Melania still hasn’t moved into the White House.

The Obamas, on the other hand, seem to be more in love than ever. Draw you own conclusions.

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