Conservative Political Strategist: Trumpcare’s Death In Senate Will Give Birth To Single-Payer

Single Payer Matthew Dowd Featured image via YouTube.

Conservative political strategist Matthew Dowd made a shocking admission during a roundtable discussion on ABC’s “This Week,” when he told the panel that single-payer might become a reality in the U.S. should the Senate fail to pass their version of AHCA (also known as Trumpcare).

“We need to ask the question, should we go to a single-payer system? Because affordability hasn’t been fixed by this or ACA. And accessibility hasn’t fundamentally been fixed,” he declared to his fellow panelists.

“The health care system has been broken for more than 20 years. And it was broke before ACA. It’s broken after ACA,” he continued. “And this fix is like going to a sick patient and giving them experimental treatment. And many experimental treatments hurt the patient. AHCA is going to hurt the patient.”

Fox News’ Charles Krauthammer wrote an op-ed article in the Washington Post titled “The road to single-payer,” in which he explains how Donald Trump and the GOP are all but guaranteeing that single-payer health care becomes the law of the land.

“As Obamacare continues to unravel, it won’t take much for Democrats to abandon that Rube Goldberg wreckage and go for the simplicity and the universality of Medicare-for-all.

Republicans will have one last chance to try to persuade the country to remain with a market-based system, preferably one encompassing all the provisions that, for procedural reasons, had been left out of their latest proposal.

Don’t be surprised, however, if, in the end, single-payer wins out.”

It’s clear that Republicans are running scared. Even they are starting to see the absurdity of their own party’s so-called “health care plan” and are now beginning the long process of resigning themselves to the inevitability of a single-payer (non-market based) health care system.

Senate Republicans realize this is their last best chance and may choose to work with Democrats to “fix” Obamacare rather than risk losing it all.

However as more and more Americans continue to struggle to afford health insurance due to rising premiums, any effort to delay single-payer will be short lived at best.

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