CNN Host SCHOOLS Ditzy Trumpkin For Saying There’s ‘No Proof’ Why Trump Fired Comey

There was a time in this country when facts and truth actually mattered. That may seem hard to believe in the Age of Trump, when lies are the new “facts,” and we’ve almost come to expect fabrication from both the so-called president and those who speak on his behalf.

One practitioner of using total bullshit to defend Donald Trump is CNN’s Kayleigh McEnany, who I have to admit I enjoy seeing about as much as I would a painful cyst on my ass. McEnany was part of a panel discussion Sunday on Cable News Network, and she used this bizarro world logic to try and defuse the already growing scandal which led to Trump dismissing FBI Director James Comey:

“It is entirely fair if folks want to criticize the method the FBI director was fired, finding out about it on the news. But the night of the firing, you had 107 comparisons, according to [conservative] Media Research Center, of Trump to Nixon. That is beyond the pale. For people to act as if Trump had done something that he didn’t have a right to do, to act as if he’s Richard Nixon in the flesh.”

Host Fredricka Whitfield then reminded McEnany:

“Well, it’s because of the investigation. The parallels that we’re making. Different circumstances but both were investigations.”

To that, McEnany resorted to the twisted Trumpian truth, and replied:

“We have no proof that he did this because of the Russia investigation.”

Once again the CNN host took McEnany back to the basic facts and told her:

“He did say in that [NBC] interview that it was because of the Russia investigation. He did say the Russia investigation is what compelled him to move toward the firing of Comey.”

But McEnany continued to pretend something other than what we all know is true:

“He wasn’t saying that was his motive if we go back and watch it.”

Are you freaking kidding me?! He most certainly did say it! Hell, he even sounded proud of it!

Truth in the Age of Trump is a radical notion to those who think their lying sack of shit savior can do no wrong. No wonder they can’t even see his treason and the way he’s trying to destroy this country.

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