‘Bill Clinton Once Again F*cked His Wife’s Life’: Bill Maher On James Comey Fallout (TWEETS/VIDEO)

Former President Bill Clinton isn’t known for being monogamous. As television host Bill Maher recently pointed out, he screwed his wife over yet again. This time, however, it cost her the presidency.

Her Emails

President Donald Trump got into office by instilling fear of his opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He convinced his cult following that her email fiasco would land her in jail. He’d even make sure of it, so long as he won.

As Maher pointed out on his show, Real Time with Bill Maher, it didn’t have to be that way.

Last June, Bill had an impromptu meeting with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Their lengthy conversation led many to believe that Lynch was helping his wife during her email probe. Both claim that wasn’t what was discussed.

After the uproar over their private meeting, Lynch agreed to let former FBI Director James Comey handle the email probe. Many believe that had Lynch not been made to recuse herself, the election would have turned out much differently.

Maher said:

“Bill clinton, once again, fucked up his wife’s life. if bill clinton hadn’t walked on loretta lynch’s plane, then she would have been making the statement instead of comey. that’s where we are. bill clinton. let’s put the blame where it belongs.”


Of course, the same Republicans who freaked out over Bill meeting with the former Attorney General aren’t batting an eye at the Russian fiasco. Despite nothing of importance being found in her emails, they still believe Hillary was a national security threat and stand by their support of Trump.

Apparently they don’t see a problem with his multiple Russian connections, secret meetings and undisclosed financial ties to that country.

Many people have pointed this out on Twitter.

Republicans being hypocritical is hardly something new. We just wish Bill hadn’t stepped onto that plane.

The original video has been deleted, but watch this video about the Bill and Lynch fiasco.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter.

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