WATCH: Sean Sphincter Spin Some INCREDIBLE BULLSH*T In Attempt To Justify Jared Kushner’s ‘Qualifications’

“President”* Donald Trump is trying to make nepotism in the executive branch sexy again. He’s got his son-in-law Jared Kushner in charge of matters so far over his head; he’d probably get daily nosebleeds just thinking about the enormity of his responsibilities if it wasn’t for the fact that his role is total bullshit.

Also, Kushner’s wife, Ivanka Trump, recently took an “unpaid” position as one of her daddy’s senior advisors.

But unlike her husband, Ivanka’s hire might actually make sense because who knows? Maybe her father will need regular advice about removing stains from under his desk.

Yes, honey, it’s right down there, tell daddy what you think while he gets more comfortable…*UNZIPPING SOUND*.

Kushner’s in charge of brokering peace in the Middle East, U.S. relations with Canada, U.S. relations with Mexico (which includes the construction of the “wall’), he also oversees criminal justice reform, combating opioid abuse, providing broadband Internet to every American, “re-imagining Veterans Affairs, and developing “transformative projects” under Trump’s one trillion dollar infrastructure plan.

Kushner’s currently in Iraq for some unknown reason, while Trump’s Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, has yet to set foot in that country.

On Monday, reporters asked Spicer to explain why Kushner was more qualified to got to Iraq than Tillerson or an actual career diplomat.

“There is a team, depending on the subject, there is a team that is working with him,” Spicer said. “And he is providing oversight and direction.”



However, Spicy wanted to make it clear that Kushner wasn’t actually “overseeing” Iraq.

“I appreciate how he is in such a unique position,” CBS correspondent Margaret Brennan pressed. “But there are people that would look at this situation and say that the White House isn’t meant to be run as a family business. There are institutions with experienced diplomats who have years and decades of linguistic experience on the ground.”

But, Spicy had enough of the impertinent female reporter’s smart mouth and decided to set her straight.

“Just be clear,” Spicer interrupted. “You just said ‘years of linguistic experience,’ so what situation are you specifically referring to?”

“It’s our understanding that Mr. Kushner is involved with Mexico, he’s involved with Saudi Arabia, that he’s involved with Canada, that he’s involved with a number of different issues,” Brennan said. “China in particular.”

“There’s a lot of relationships that Jared has made over time with different leaders,” Spicer replied. “Mexico being one of them you mentioned. They are going to continue to have conversations with him. That doesn’t mean by any means that it’s being done without coordination with the State Department.”

Clearly, overtaken by Spicy’s manly authoritative presentation, the Brennan sheepishly followed up with:

“But he has a direct line to the president whereas the other institutions do not,” Brennan noted.

But once again Spicy was ready to knock her question out of the park with an answer that would lay all other inquiries concerning Kushner’s qualifications to rest.

“Okay, great,” Spicer shrugged. “That’s even better then. I think that’s a win for our government.”



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