Wait Until You See What Donald Trump Jr. Was In Montana Killing–At Taxpayer Expense!

Donald Trump, Jr., like the vast majority of men who feel a need to hunt down and kill defenseless animals, quite clearly is trying to compensate for his…inadequacies in other areas. Then again, only his wife knows for sure, and she isn’t about to give up her meal ticket.

This weekend, Junior has been in Montana, and can you guess what he’s been busy shooting alongside Greg Gianforte, the Republican nominee for Montana’s House seat in the 2017 special election? Pregnant prairie dogs. Yes, you read that right, he’s shooting these:

Cute little things, aren’t they? And yet this privileged asshole with a rifle is going to go blow them apart. And it serves no purpose at all because the innocent creatures are shot for nothing more than target practice. Also, March through June is peak breeding season for these adorable critters, who have fewer than three pups a year.

Black-tailed prairie dogs like the ones found in Montana are also highly intelligent and have incredibly advanced social behaviors: They protect each other by standing watch for other members of their social group and also possess what Scientific American called:

The most sophisticated vocal language ever decoded… Better than chimps, dolphins and orcas.”

Sterling Krank, from The Humane Society of the United States, says of the black-tailed prairie dog:

“Prairie dogs are an important keystone species with myriad other species dependent on their survival, including the burrowing owl, black-footed ferret and nesting birds. People do not hunt these animals for food or any legitimate wildlife management purposes. We have a duty to protect them to ensure that every species within the ecosystem continues to thrive.”

But Buttmumch Junior is going to shoot them, especially the pregnant ones, perhaps as a way of getting some of his deep-seated hatred of women out of his system so he doesn’t start grabbing women by the genitals the way his disgusting father does.

Keep in mind that Trump Junior will also have Secret Service protection as he travels to and from Montana, so you and I get the honor of paying for his orgy of violence.

So here’s a special message for Donald Trump, Jr.: You suck! You are a sick piece of rotten garbage who is not even above the level of a pile of amphibian shit! It’s too bad the prairie dogs don’t all have rabies and attack you in packs of 200 at a time. That would be some delicious karma.

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