Trump’s Saboteur Devin Nunes FINALLY Forced Down From Heading Russian Investigation He Tried To Kill

The American people scored another victory on Thursday after reports surfaced indicating that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes will be stepping down.

Nunes was an advisor to “President” Donald Trump’s campaign and would regularly brief the candidate on national security matters. He, along with House Speaker Paul Ryan helped develop the GOP’s national security plan last June along with input from the Trump campaign. He also served on the executive committee of Trump’s transition team.

Since the beginning of the investigation, Democrats expressed concerns over Nunes’ impartiality. However, according to a chair, those concerns were “their problem” not his.

However, their suspicions were quickly confirmed after the chair began engaging in erratic behavior that suggested favoritism toward the administration that he was in charge of investigating.

The final straw may have come after Devin Nunes held a bizarre press conference outside the White House indicating that he’d received valuable information about the Russian investigation that he felled compelled to share with the president immediately.

Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) is the ranking Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee. He called the stunt “beyond irregular” and said that it “underscored the imperative of an independent investigation.”

“The chairman needs to think about which role he wants to play here. Is he going to play a role as surrogate for the administration or is he going to play a role of leading an independent investigation? He can’t do both.”
—Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.)

However, it was later discovered that Nunes received this information from two Trump aides at the White House and he failed to disclose the information with any other committee members before “showing” it to the president.

Devin Nunes also canceled several important hearings involving important witnesses, such as former Attorney General Sally Yates, who are believed to have potentially damaging information regarding the Trump campaigns involvement with Russia.

The chairman also said that there wasn’t need to appoint a special prosecutor to lead the investigation as he consistently downplayed the Trump campaigns Russian ties.

But now that the orange ass kisser is gone, maybe we can finally get to the truth.

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