Trump’s Endless Lying Has Finally Caught Up With Him–And Here’s The Proof

Donald Trump is a pathological liar. He proves this on numerous occasions each and every single day of his life. He simply doesn’t have any truth in him. He’s a 6-foot-2 high stack of steaming bullshit.

Yet despite Trump’s lies, he has never seemed to pay a price for his fictions. He won the GOP nomination and the 2016 election.  But that appears to be changing.

A Gallup poll released Monday tells us that only 45 percent of Americans say they believe Trump keeps his promises. That’s down a staggering 17 points since February, when 62 percent said Trump kept his promises.

Even among Republicans, the luster is starting to fade, with 81 percent saying Trump keeps promises. But that number stood at 92 percent when he took office in January.

Clearly, there’s a trust deficit that exists in the person of Donald Trump, and that could spell big trouble as more revelations about the campaign’s ties to Russia come out.

But there’s a larger issue here: With every lie Trump tells, he also erodes faith in the entire American system of government, and that could have long-term effects we cannot even imagine.

If we needed any other reasons to impeach this illegitimate Russian puppet, we have them now. Trump is not the least bit trustworthy, and that’s one of the main reasons Richard Nixon was forced from office. Time to show this orange clown the door.

Featured Image Via NBC News

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