New Report Describes Trump’s Sick Cable News Addiction As ‘Bizarre to the Point of Alarming’


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Trump cable news addiction featured image via Twitter

By now most people know that President Donald Trump is an unstable, narcissistic, misogynistic, racist who has an insatiable thirst for attention that cable news happily obliges.

But according to a new report from The Washington Post, Trump’s obsession with cable news coverage crosses from obsessive to “bizarre to the point of alarming.”

According to the Post, Trump tells friends and advisers he possesses “the world’s best Tivo” (Tivo was one of the first digital recorders available on the market.) From the Mediaite:

He watches religiously in the morning — reportedly flipping between Fox News, Fox Business, CNBC, and MSNBC. Some Trump confidants reportedly told the Post that, despite claims to the contrary, Morning Joe is still on the President’s radar. Occasional Trump Tweets rebutting opinions of host Joe Scarborough would seem to confirm that he continues to monitor the program.

He’s also said to keep tabs on various shows, and would often watch broadcasts in a dining room close to the Oval Office. At night, he reportedly goes to his private residence where he binge watches primetime shows.

It’s said that he likes to “hate-watch” people like CNN’s Anderson Cooper. The anchor told NBC’s Seth Meyers in February that Trump “watches me on CNN probably more than my mom watches me.”

Read the full story here.

Well, who says we needed a president who does boring brainy shit like attending national security briefings or reading books?

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