Trump Gave Ivanka A Posh White House Job That’s Killing National Security (VIDEO)

It should come as no surprise that President Donald Trump wants to have his wife-er, I mean daughter-with him at the White House. He needs someone to remind him of their personal foreign affairs while running the country.

Daddy’s Favorite

Donald and his favorite daughter, Ivanka Trump, are a match made in heaven. He’s openly said he’d date her if they weren’t related, said they have sex in common, and now she’s moving into the White House to help advise him.

She can’t make that move without a high level of security clearance, though. That’s something even his die-hard, fellow daughter-loving supporters should be alarmed by.

Ivanka isn’t a politician. She’s a fashion designer who tried unsuccessfully for years to get her line sold in Japan, only to sit in on a meeting between her dad and their Prime Minister shortly after daddy won the election.

Trump World

Ivanka was recently involved in a botched hotel deal in Azerbaijan that was funded by Iranian oligarchs, which was pretty suspicious. While it’s well known that her and her family are involved in other foreign businesses, her financial entanglements have yet to be disclosed.

Before Trumpers say she stepped away from her businesses, she’s just like daddy in that she hasn’t fully divested.

A high security clearance means this fashion designer will learn some of our nation’s top secrets. That can come in handy when you’re working with foreign leaders while still profiting from foreign businesses.

So congratulations, Trump supporters. You elected a con man who will have family in the White House with their own financial interests in mind. “But her emails…”

Watch this video to learn more about this clear violation of the anti-nepotism law.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter

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