‘That’s Total BS!’: SNOWFLAKE Orrin Hatch Couldn’t HANDLE THE TRUTH, When Confronted With GOP’s SCOTUS Hypocrisy

It seems like Republicans are getting a little testy over the Democratic obstruction of “President” Donald Trump’s SCOTUS nominee Judge Niel “I think truck drivers should freeze to death instead of damage corporate property” Gorsuch.

On Monday, Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) whined about how Democrats weren’t playing fair and how he supported changing the filibuster rule if Trump’s SCOTUS pick can’t get 60 votes in the Senate.

Hatch said that Democrats were “forcing” his party to use the “nuclear option” to end the filibuster.

“They’re politicizing this whole process,” he complained. “This is a guy who is a mainstream conservative, which they hate, they don’t like that. And of course, they are still upset about my other friend, [Obama nominee] Merrick Garland. But the Republicans had every right to delay that within a presidential [election] year.”

However, CNN host John Berman was quick to point out his party’s unapologetic hypocrisy.

“But they look at you and say that’s a double standard,” Berman noted. “You call Judge Gorsuch one of the most qualified judges ever to be nominated. Almost everyone said the same thing about Merrick Garland, including you.

The CNN host continued: “So there seems to be a double standard where you’re saying, it was alright last year when we for political reasons halted the nomination of Merrick Garland. But it’s not okay this year when Democrats try to halt the nomination of Judge Gorsuch.”

This seemed to trigger Hatch’s snowflake sensibilities as he flew into an oddly mild-mannered rage.

“I’ll just tell you straight up, that’s total B.S.,” Hatch shot back. “I can’t go back in time and show you any case where in a presidential election year they allowed a Supreme Court justice to be nominated unless both sides agreed. And both sides didn’t agree.”

“It was every right of [Majority Leader Mitch McConnell] and Senate Republicans to say we’re not going to do this in a presidential year. And at that time, keep in mind, it looked as though Hillary [Clinton] was a sure winner and we would have gotten an even more liberal judge than that one.”

“But that was a stand on principle,” Hatch opined. “Not some new barbaric thing that some have tried to make it.”

Just keep telling yourselves that Republicans. Your karma bill continues to grow more and more each passing day. And your party’s due date’s closer than you realize.

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