That Glorious Time Angela Rye RAINED DOWN FIRE On Former Trump ‘Apprentice’ Adviser Omarosa

Angela Rye
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Former executive directive of the Congressional Black Caucus, CNN Contributor, and all-around progressive badass Angela Rye is known for speaking her mind and suffering no fools.

As Politico reported back in April of 2017,  Rye spoke at the National Action Network Convention Women’s luncheon, where she took the stage after a speech by President Donald Trump adviser and former “Apprentice” show winner Omarosa Manigault.

During Manigault’s speech, she bragged about her advocacy work on behalf of historically black colleges and universities inside the Trump administration. She also vowed to continue being the best Trump suppository she can be by promoting her boss’s twisted agenda.

Of course, her speech predictably drew audible moans and groans from the mostly-African American audience.

After Omarosa finished assaulting the crowd with her verbal diarrhea, it was Rye’s turn to take the stage. And as always, she didn’t disappoint.

“I’m going to bring the fire right now,” Rye said. “Moments ago, we were joined by your president’s apprentice. The truth is, when you tell somebody you’re going to fight for them, I’m going to tell you how not to fight for them.”

You don’t fight for them by putting forth a tax reform plan that cuts corporate tax rates but ignores the poor,” she continued. “You don’t fight for them by cutting taxes for the rich, and ensuring that burden is going to be on the backs of the poor and ordinary black and brown people.”

The audience rose to their feet and cheered as Rye continued to slam Manigault Trump, over utilizing racism (namely the “birther” attack on President Obama) to propel him into national politics.

“How you don’t fight for [your community] is by trivializing our first black president, Barack Obama, by questioning his citizenship, by questioning his validity,” Rye said. “How you don’t fight for us is by pissing on me and telling me it’s rain.”

“Resist, y’all,” Rye said, as she walked away from the microphone.

Now, this is how progressives and liberals need to roll. No more playing nice. We need to keep it 100 percent real and “bring the fire” whenever we see someone distorting the truth.

Angela Rye is one mean left hook.

UPDATE 3:26 pm 4/30/2017: I have to apologize for unintentionally reporting that Omarosa was sitting in the room during Angela Rye’s remarks. According to The Root, Omarosa had already left the event following remarks made by Al Sharpton. Once again I do apologize.

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