Are We Supposed To Be Impressed That Trump Donated Part Of His POTUS Salary To The Park Service?

It was announced on Monday that our Thief-in-Chief just donated his presidential salary for the first quarter of the year–about $78,000–to the National Park Service.

Please note that I said it was “announced” Trump had done this. The notoriously tightfisted Trump donates nearly nothing to charity. If he did, he’d be showing us his tax returns to prove it, waving those damn things in our faces and reveling in the glory.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said he was “thrilled” by the gift, adding:

“We are going to dedicate and put it against the infrastructure on our nation’s battlefields. We are about $229 million behind in deferred maintenance on our battlefields alone.”

That quote from Zinke raises a much larger question: If Trump truly cares about the national parks, why doesn’t he, with his billions of dollars (or so he says) write a check for $20 million or so and truly make an impact? Answer: Because he’s a cheapskate son of a bitch who would much rather enrich himself while serving in office. That $78,000 is a drop in the damn bucket compared to what this scam artist is making from his hotels and other properties, all of which he can freely take from at will as he pretends that his sons are running the company.

So are we supposed to be impressed by this “generosity” from Trump? No. Because it’s a fucking pittance and because he felt a need to announce it at a daily press briefing.

Once a con man, always a con man.

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