Administration Sources Say Some White House Staffers Are Engaged In ‘Lying For Sport’

Lying is a part of politics, whether we like it or not. All politicians lie. All of them. Even Jimmy Carter lied from time to time, and he was about as good of a person as has ever held the office of president.

And then we come to the Trump administration, where lying is a way of life, something done as regularly as the rest of us inhale and exhale.

But could some White House staffers merely be lying as a kind of perverse game? Some sources are saying exactly that.

According to Poltico:

“[Steve]Bannon, it is worth noting, is a devoted reader of the ‘neoreactionary’ internet philosopher Curtis Yarvin, an advocate of the strategic benefits of spreading misinformation. But two people close to the administration say that White House staffers do much of their lying for sport, rather than to further any larger agenda.

‘They all lie,’ said a conservative journalist with close ties to the West Wing, who described an informal contest to smuggle the biggest whoppers into print. ‘It’s a game to them.'”

That’s right. The people who are getting paid with our tax dollars are deliberately trying to see who can lie the most so they can keep score on some inside game only they know the rules or wagers of.

What this fails to account for, however, is whether or not they are lying merely for their own amusement, or to try and keep pace with the so-called head of state, who lies more often than he breathes.

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