WHOOPSIE DAISY: Sean Spicer Accidentally Implies Trump’s New Tax Policy Targets 401(k) Plans

401 (k) Sean Spicer Featured image via YouTube.

It looks like wacky White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer‘s up to his old tricks again. This time America’s lovable daffy press secretary sort of accidentally implies that Trump’s new tax plan will raid 401(k) accounts.

As reported by The Washington Post, during a press briefing Thursday afternoon, Spicer was asked if President Donald Trump could assure Americans that deductions for retirement plans would be unaffected by his new Tax policy. However, Spicer’s answer fell just short of reassuring:

“The current plan right now protects both charitable giving and mortgage interest, and that’s it,” Spicer said, conspicuously leaving out those retirement savings.

Meanwhile, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin joined in on the hi-jinks by telling Fox News: “As a matter of fact, we are taking all deductions out other than mortgage interest and charitable donations.”

But it turns out that the Trump wasn’t really planning on raiding 401(k) accounts. It was just a big misunderstanding, which is sort of the status quo when getting information from people in Trump’s administration (especially Sean Spicer).

Sadly, the adults in the room (A.K.A the free press) had to spoil the White House’s fun.

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So don’t worry folks. Old Sean and Steve were just pulling your leg, those jokers.

I swear these guys are gonna kill us. No seriously, the Trump administration is going to kill us.


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