Sarah Silverman Has A Special Tax March Message For The Pretend POTUS (VIDEO)

Tax Day is not a happy time for most of us. Even if we’re getting a refund, it still reminds us of what we had to pay for the year. Now a lot of good things are paid for with our taxes–our national parks, for one–but then again there are plenty of things each of us would rather not contribute to.

But Tax Day isn’t that big of a deal for Donald Trump. That’s either because he doesn’t pay any taxes or he’s already so rich that a few million here or there is chump change. Then again, he could release his 2016 return (which unlike the others he cannot say is being audited) and clear up any questions about who he owes money to and how generous he is when it comes to charity.

Thousands of people marched across the country Saturday to demand that our so-called president release his taxes and do so ASAP. One of them was comedian Sarah Silverman, who had this message for Don the Con:

“Show us your fucking taxes, you emotional child!”

Don’t know about you, but my Tax Day just got a whole lot better.

Watch Sarah at the rally in New York City:

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