Rightwing Christian Babblers Of Bile Are The True Demonic Followers Of Satan (VIDEO)

Does the Christian Right worship not Jesus, but Satan? Seems from the looks of who they voted into power this past November and their carryings-on these past few days with another attempt at overthrowing Obamacare, they are unrighteously rooting for the darkness. These miscalibrated peddlers of malevolence have allowed fear to win. And that, in a nutshell, is how the Devil got in.

Pretty big sacrifice, don’t you think? To give up one’s own soul? Just for party loyalty. Ewwwww – sad!

Satan Spawn

Faux-Christian sanctimonious bipedal hate-based lifeforms have their own re-written Bible. Living in a Petri dish of lies, dank, and loathing, these parasites hide behind the name “Christ” to justify their favorite hobby… Screwing over the lives of people who live in God’s light.

It’s not Christianity — it’s pure evil. It is in fact, the Republican creed of greed. Simply… They live to hate.

Right wing Christian terrorists are already mass murdering many more innocents here on the homeland than Islamic terrorists. Now with Trump in illegitimate power, it’s going to get much worse. Or as we truthtellers on the Left like to say, #ChrISIS… The Christian ISIS. Nothing more than a vile form of repressive control over the idiot masses enacted by religious radicals on the Right.

According to Newsweek:

They and untold thousands like them are the extremists who hide among us, the right-wing militants who, since 2002, have killed more people in the United States than jihadis have. In that time, according to New America, a Washington think tank, Islamists launched nine attacks that murdered 45, while the right-wing extremists struck 18 times, leaving 48 dead. These Americans thrive on hate and conspiracy theories, many fed to them by politicians and commentators who blithely blather about government concentration camps and impending martial law and plans to seize guns and other dystopian gibberish, apparently unaware there are people listening who don’t know it’s all lies. These extremists turn to violence—against minorities, non-Christians, abortion providers, government officials—in what they believe is a fight to save America. And that potential for violence is escalating every day.

It’s clear modern-day Christian Conservatives here in the U.S. are verging on becoming nothing more than an offshoot of the KKK… A budding baby ISIS, forcing its own version of Sharia Law upon America. #TrumpsAmeriKKKa

Want to see a true Christian demon in action? Watch this video of Alex Jones:

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video

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