The Master Of Horror Trolled TrumpleThinSkin And His Voters – And It’s HILARIOUS

Stephen King wrote a brilliant article for The Guardian about President Donald Trump and how he influenced so many people to vote for him. Although we were all convinced Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would win, King knew that Trump might win. Trump influenced so many people, and a lot of people didn’t vote because they were so convinced Clinton would win.

King himself compared Trump to a few characters from his books. For example, Greg Stillson from The Dead Zone was a charismatic politician who worked his way up. The precognitive protagonist predicted that he would start World War III.

Jim “Big Jim” Rennie from Under the Dome is a car salesman turned leader when a dome comes down over the small town he lives in.

King then does an interesting analysis of Trump voters using characters he made up. He made up six characters, three women and two men, who are similar to real-life Trump voters and gave them “truth serum.”

They told us what they were really “thinking.” They were asked about why they voted for Donald Trump. They talked about their really racist views that they would usually hide. They also called Hillary Clinton a bitch among other things. It is an interesting analysis of Trump voters.

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