REPORT: Bill O’Reilly May Soon Be FIRED From Fox News After Murdoch Brothers Unite Against Father

It looks like Fox News is about to fire Bill O’Reilly, arguably the network’s biggest star, in the wake of the conservative network’s most recent messy public sexual harassment scandal.

For those who may not recall, in 2016, Fox News Cheif Roger Ailes had was forced to resign following an independent investigation into sexual harassment allegations made by former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson.

More recently it’s come to light that O’Reilly paid off five women to settle sexual harassment claims and that 21st Century Fox is once again launching an independent investigation.

On April 11, O’Reilly made a sudden announcement that he was taking a “vacation,” leaving the network for two weeks until his return to the air on April 24.

However, according to a report from New York Magazine‘s Gabriel Sherman, O’Reilly’s “vacation” may wind up being extended indefinitely.

She reports that Fox executive James Murdoch, son of Rupert Murdoch (the media mogul behind the Fox News empire) is advocating for O’Reilly’s removal, as the controversial news personality’s show continues to bleed advertisers at an alarming rate.

A Report from the New York Times says that the O’Reilly Factor lost more than half it’s advertisers in one week.

Now, according to Sherman, Lachlan Murdoch, brother of James Murdoch and another high-ranking Fox executive, has changed sides.

Lachlan initially stood with his father, Rupert, for keeping O’Reilly on the air. But that no longer appears to be the case.

Sherman says that the family is “now leaning toward announcing that O’Reilly will not return to the air.”

With mounting pressure from his sons, and another potentially damaging investigation looming, Rupert Murdoch may have no choice but to shitcan his star “bloviating” asshole, leaving only Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson (also known as Jon Stewart’s bitch) to carry the dying network.

Well, if this turns out to be true, we’ve found some videos of O’Reilly’s greatest fits to celebrate his undignified and well-deserved downfall.

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