Pro-Trump Broadcaster Calls For The Death Of CNN Hosts (VIDEO)

Right Side Broadcasting is a little watched network which has proudly dubbed itself the “Unofficial Version Of Trump TV,” and is now having to apologize for something one if its on-air personalities said.

Nick Fuentes, who acts a great deal like a rat on acid, went on a racist, Islamophobic rant in which he stated:

“The First Amendment was not written for Muslims, by the way. It wasn’t written for a barbaric ideology that wanted to come over and kill us. It was written for Calvinists. It was written for Lutherans and Catholics, not for Salafists, not for Wahabists, not for the Saudi royal family.”

Then this human version of a filthy gas station toilet started issuing threats:

“Who runs the media? Globalists. Time to kill the globalists. I don’t want to not watch CNN. I don’t want CNN to go out of business. I don’t want CNN to be more honest. I want people that run CNN to be arrested and deported or hanged because this is deliberate. This is not an accident. It’s not, ‘Oh, you know journalists have a liberal bias because they’re educated, and educated people tend to be’ — none of that. It is malicious intent. There is a design, there is an agenda here.”

The head of Right Side Broadcasting, Joe Seales, issued a statement in which he called the comments Fuentes made “inappropriate.” but neglected to say if he’d had his employee tested for rabies and distemper.

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