PBS Airs School Choice Documentary – Who’s A$$ Are They Kissing – DeVos’ Or Trump’s?

President Donald Trump appointed a Secretary of Education who has never been to public school or been a teacher. Betsy DeVos is a friend of Trump and wife of the CEO of Amway. She is championing in favor of for-profit schools.

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PBS, which Trump proposed cutting in his budget, is airing a documentary made by a RWNJ group championing for-profit schools. The three-part show, School, Inc. asks why we haven’t made schools like every other industry in this country.

The late Andrew Coulson appears in the documentary touring old Industrial Revolution-era factories and shows how the motive of profit has created innovation in every industry. The problem with that is that schools are not about making money. Schools are about making our children smart, productive citizens.

The public education community has expressed outrage that PBS is even airing this documentary. Laura Chapman wrote an expose on this series in which she says:

“These programs are pure propaganda for so-called free market education. They have been produced courtesy of Free to Choose, a promoter of all things that the late Milton and Rosa Friedman would love.”

“The PBS website says that funding for these programs has been provided by the Texas-based Rose-Marie and Jack R. Anderson Foundation.

“The Anderson Foundation is one of several ultra-conservative funders, but the series is also sell-funded by being part of the Free to Choose Network. That Network is a non-profit set up by the one of the Executive Producers Bob Chitester.”

I wonder if the people at PBS are trying to save their jobs, suck up to Trump, or both.

Here is a trailer for the first episode:

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