Mitch McConnell Is A Spineless, Selfish, Little Man Without A D*ck (VIDEO)


Are you for real Mitch McConnell? You spineless little dick-less man. Do you feel good now that you have done your master’s bidding and paved the way for approval of one of the WORST Supreme Court Justices ever nominated? Was your wife’s position in the Trump administration worth this betrayal of the American people?

For those of you behind the times, McConnell decided (with urging from his master, Trump) to exercise a maneuver labeled the “Nuclear Option” today. What this does is change the number of votes a Supreme Court nominee requires to obtain a LIFETIME seat on the bench of the highest court in the land. The Nuclear Option will negate the effectiveness of a filibuster in stopping rash legislators from doing stupid things. Without the filibuster, we are all but guaranteed that Neil Gorsuch will be placed into the seat vacated by Justice Anton Scalia, who died last year.

This brief video explains it much better than I can:

Never mind that President Obama nominated the more-than-qualified Merrick Garland to fill that seat and due to Republican obstruction led by McConnell, he was not even granted a VOTE. What were they afraid of? That the Supreme Court would actually have sitting justices that believed in Constitution over agenda?

Our government will be forever changed after this. A major blow has been struck in the destruction of our democracy. This is NOT how the Founding Fathers envisioned our country operating. They set forth specific checks and balances to keep one branch from gaining too much power and control. That is crumbling before our very eyes — because Mitch McConnell is a spineless, dick-less, sell-out.

Featured image from Salon.

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