Lawmaker: Women Who Miscarry Must Carry Dead Babies To Term

A Republican state representative from Iowa just made herself a target of women’s rights activists when she stated that women should carry their stillborn or dying fetus to term.

Shannon Lundgren, the bill manager of Senate File 471, caused an outcry when she stupidly asserted that women who miscarry should carry their fetuses until they naturally go to labor.

She, however, admitted her blunder the next day by saying:

“I answered a question incorrectly and then corrected myself shortly after.”

Her Republican cohorts quickly came to her rescue by arguing that the conversation which brought about her statement were “out of context” and reiterated that she just “misspoke.”

Senate File 471 is a proposed law which bans abortion after the 20-week mark. Anti-Abortion supporters argue that the law is a step forward towards protecting life, but what makes this law really fucked up is the fact that it requires women to carry their dead or dying fetus.

It is inhumane and utterly unethical.

Forcing a woman to do such thing is a violation of her right and a torture in itself. Not to mention could cause a whole host of medical issues, including sepsis and the woman’s death.

The bill is still under consideration by the Iowa House, and if passed as a law, Iowa will be the 18th state to have a 20-week Abortion Ban.

Image via: Pixabay

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