GOP Candidate For VA Governor Says Removing Confederate Monuments Proves ‘ISIS Has Won’

You’ve probably never heard of Cory Stewart, but he’s the former chairman of Donald Trump’s Virginia campaign and a current candidate for Virginia governor,  and he’s suddenly made himself infamous with one moronic tweet:

And now a bit of history: The monument shown in the photograph was the Liberty Monument, which was erected in 1891 to commemorate an uprising by a white supremacist paramilitary organization which took place in 1874. In 1932, an inscription was added to the statue that declared the importance of recognizing:

“White supremacy in the South.”

Clearly, if Corey Stewart and his ilk are an example of “white supremacy,” it’s no surprise the South got their asses stomped in the Civil War.

How extreme is this twat waffle? Just last year he was fired by the Trump campaign after he organized a pro-Trump demonstration outside the RNC that called out both then-RNC chief Reince Priebus and House Majority Leader Paul Ryan.

As a lifelong resident of the Deep South, I have a message for Stewart and the fuckwads who think like him: You are quickly fading from the scene. You are the dwindling minority, and it won’t be long before you are relegated to the history books, just like the racist bigots you still idolize. Have fun as a dinosaur.

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