Fox Host Pays The Karmic Price For His Crude Joke About Ivanka Trump

Jesse Watters is a disgusting weasel and television hack who owes his pathetic career to Bill O’Reilly, which tells you that Watters is not exactly a big fan of women’s rights or equality.

On Tuesday’s edition of The Five, Watters made a crude, completely tasteless joke about the way Ivanka Trump held a microphone while speaking at a women’s conference in Germany:

Yep, Watters was quite clearly suggesting oral sex with his comments and hand gesture, but this little shitbag had the nerve to deny he meant anything out of the way:

Fortunately, others on Twitter called Watters out and let him know they weren’t buying his alternative facts:

Unless Watters does an on-air mea culpa, he should be sent the same route that O’Reilly finally was: Show this freak the door and never let him in the building again.


Featured Image Via Fox News Screengrab

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