Before His First 100 Days, Trump PROUDLY Celebrates Slowest Economic Growth In Three Years

100 days
100 days featured image via YouTube

As President Donald Trump closing in on surviving his first 100 days in office, he can now add another thing to the list of ways he’s failed to measure up to President Barack Obama.

The Hill reports that the U.S Economy only grew 0.7 percent during the first quarter of the Trump presidency.

And according to Jim O’Sullivan of High-Frequency Economics via The Financial Times, the first quarter saw real growth average 1 percent the annual rate during the last seven years of President Obama’s term.

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To be fair, the first quarter of economic growth hasn’t been great for a very long time. And financial experts do expect the economy to speed up over the next three-quarters.

However, we a have a president in office who’s liable to start a trade war or a real war on any given day that he’s tweeting or flapping his gums on TV.

Unfortunately, the U.S. economy is about to find out the hard way just how much that Trump’s “anti-globalist” economic misconceptions don’t mix with the global economy.


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