Eric Trump’s INSANE Defense Of His Daddy’s Excessive Golf Trips To Mar-a-Lago Takes STUPID To Whole New Level

During a recent interview with the Irish Independent Newspaper, Eric Trump offered the most idiotic excuse for his daddy’s unnecessary golf trips to his Florida Mar-a-Lago resort.

Since taking office, “President” Donald Trump has made at least 19 separate golf trips since his inauguration in January. Should Trump serve two terms, he would be on pace to make over 650 times trips to his golf resort throughout his presidency.

Trump’s second oldest son, Eric, offered a fascinating explanation of his daddy’s numerous golf excursions. As it turns out, Golf is the centerpiece of Trump’s “ingenious” diplomacy methodology. Eric said:

“You can sit with somebody in a golf cart where there might be cultural differences and language barriers and have a good time and build a friendship in a way that you could never do sitting across an office table from someone.”

Eric went on to describe his daddy’s resort as a magical place where strong relationships are made on well-manicured greens (which are probably maintained by undocumented workers).

“Mar-a-Lago is an amazing estate that has been a very effective tool for [my father] to go down and get to know somebody while not sitting … across a wooden partition, which instantly makes a relationship more strenuous,” Eric Trump said.

However, Eric Trump didn’t seem to want to explain how his daddy’s trips to Mar-a-Lago personally benefit his family’s business while costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

According to CNN, Trump’s golf trips have cost taxpayers around $20 million within his first 80 days in office.  And while President Barack Obama’s vacations cost 97 million over his eight-year term, Trump is currently on pace to surpass that number inside of four years.

But forget about the price tag, because according to Eric Trump, his father is smacking and chasing after his little white balls for America.

Eric Trump Meme
Eric Trump Meme
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