Ditzy Donald Said THIS STATE Borders Canada…So Twitter Gave Him A Geography Lesson

Can Donald Trump possibly be any dumber? He says he graduated from the Wharton School at Penn, but when you listen to him talk, watch him when he’s supposedly “listening,” or read some of his tweets, it kinda makes you wonder if this guy even made it through high school. Did his daddy buy Donnie a diploma?

The most recent example we have of this lack of good information by the alleged president can be found in this tweet, which Trump sent out Tuesday morning regarding Canada:

There’s just one small problem: Wisconsin doesn’t actually fall on the border with Canada.

Are there no maps in the White House? Does Trump not know how to use Google Maps? Well I do, and I did:

Swing and a miss!

Others on Twitter had fun with the dolt in the Oval Office:

Sadly it’s time we admit that we have the dumbest leader in the entire world. This fucker is about as useful as a broken shoestring.

Featured Image Via NBC News

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