Democratic Congressman Calls Trump’s Bluff On Ridiculous Wiretapping Claims

If it helps any, please know that you’re not alone when it comes to being sick and damn tired of hearing Donald Trump whine that he was wiretapped by President Obama. Most of the people on the face of the planet have had it with that bullshit.

Yet on Sunday morning, Trump was again on Twitter, whining like the child he is:

Sorry, loser boy, but the real story today and for every day yet to come until you are tossed out of office is you being a traitorous shit for brains who sold out his own country.

California Congressman Ted Lieu is fed up, too, so he decided to reply to Trump with this perfectly worded posting:

Exactly! Which one is it, Con Man Don? Are you an agent for the Russians or involved in criminal activity such as drugs and sex trafficking? Or is it both? Let’s see your response to that challenge, you fucking weasel!

h/t Raw Story

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