‘They Bought You A Cabinet Position’: Protester STRAIGHT UP F*cks With Betsy DeVos At Miami Airport

It looks like “President” Donald Trump’s so-called Education Secretary Betsy DeVos caught some hell from a protester hitting her with hard questions as she arrived at the Miami International Airport on Thursday.

DeVos was in town to attend a photo-op event at a charter school partially owned by rapper “Pitbull.”

However, just after DeVos landed, she was sent scurrying to the elevator (after offering what The Miami New Times described as “a sheepish wave,” as the protester rained down tougher questions than even the ones she received at her Senate confirmation hearings.

“Secretary DeVos,” the man said, “can you tell us about your brother’s deal with the United Arab Emirates and the Russians to buy your cabinet position? Can you tell us about that?”

He went on, “Can you tell us about the deal to lift the Russian sanctions? They bought you a cabinet position, Madam Secretary. You don’t know anything about schools.”

Betsy DeVos’ brother, Erik Prince, is the founder of the notoriously shady private mercenary firm formerly known as Blackwater. The company garnered such a bad reputation for its war crimes in Iraq that it was renamed in 2009 to XE Security, only to be changed again in 2011 to Academi.

Prince was recently accused of trying to set up a backwater channel between the Russian government and Donald Trump using connections within the United Arab Emirates government.

Prince currently lives in the UAE as a guest of Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi; it’s widely speculated that he may have fled to avoid prosecution for illegal activities allegedly committed by his former firm.

Meanwhile, in Miami, Betsy DeVos was welcomed by more protestors as she fled her photo-op event. Here’s the video.

She’s going to be getting a lot of exercise if she lasts for the next four years. Run, Betsy, Run!

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