Alabama Denies Children A Loving Home If Adopting Couples Are LGBT

A bill to make it legal for adoption agencies to discriminate against same-sex couples could actually reach the Governor’s desk in Alabama this week. The legislation says that it would:

“… prohibit the state from discriminating against child placing agencies on the basis that the provider declines to provide a child placement that conflicts with the religious beliefs of the provider.”

Republican Rep. Rich Wingo, who sponsored the bill, said:

“This bill is not about prohibiting gay and lesbian couples from adopting or fostering a child. It’s about protecting and not discriminating against faith-based agencies that, due to their religious beliefs, could have their right to choose where to place a child taken away from them.”

The bill only applies to private adoption agencies that don’t accept federal or state funds, so that’s something. However, the fact that the government is allowing them to discriminate is still despicable.

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Unfortunately, Alabama is not the only state do this. South Dakota, North Dakota, Michigan, and Virginia have also passed similar laws.

Alex Smith, the board chair of the LGBT advocacy group Equality Alabama, told Buzzfeed News:

“We are aware that agencies are already doing this, but this bill will give discrimination the state’s seal of approval.”

“We value the place that faith has in many people’s lives, but using one’s faith to discriminate against another person is wrong, and should not be made the law of the land.”

I hope this gets vetoed.

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