AL Governor Pulled A Nixon After Sex Scandal – Then THIS Happened

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley has resigned amidst a huge sex scandal and an arrest. He is pleading guilty to misdemeanors surrounding an alleged affair with one of his top aides. He violated state ethics laws regarding his handling of the affair.

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He said:

“I have let you and our people down; the time is come for me to look at new ways to serve the people of our great state.”

“I love this office. However, I realize that there are things more important than a political office.”

Bentley was fined for $2,000 and forced to do 100 hours of community service for campaign finance violations.

The scandal started in March of 2016. He fired the then head of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, Spencer Collier. Collier had seen evidence of and investigated the alleged affair between Bentley and his campaign spokesperson, Rebekah Mason.

Bentley denied the affair, but Alabama lawmakers were considering impeachment by April of 2016.

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On Friday, the House Justice Committee released a report detailing the investigation into the affair with Mrs. Mason.

One Rep. Martha Roby said:

“Governor Bentley’s decision to resign was the right thing to do. The people of Alabama deserve leaders who are focused on the serious issues facing our state, and I look forward to better days ahead.”

Here is the video of Bentley announcing his resignation:

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