5 Totally Cool (And Non-Hitler) Ways Sean Spicer Could Quit His Job

Sean Spicer did not have a good day on Wednesday. He spent his daily press briefing saying Hitler was nowhere near as evil as Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, then he spent the next eight hours apologizing, apologizing, and then adding in some more apologies.

But Samantha Bee says there;s a way for Spicer to salvage what happened: Spicer should quit his job in a way that no one will ever forget. Long gone will the the mention of Hitler and Assad. Everyone will be far too busy saying, Did you see that shit?!

So here, courtesy of Samantha Bee, whose show airs Wednesdays at 10:30pm EST on TBS, are 5 ways Spicey can make it all better:

1. The Mary Poppins

Take a giant umbrella out of your suit and just float out of the press room.


2. The Switcheroo

Pretend you’re now a member of the press, get angry, and storm out, never to return.


3. The Unimaginary Friend

Bring a rat to the podium with you and only take questions from it. When someone mentions it, run like hell!


4. The Carrie Prom Scene

This one speaks for itself.


5. Viking Funeral

Put your podium on a boat and shove it out into the Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool. Borrow a bow and arrow from Bannon’s office and light that sucker up.












h/t Samantha Bee Via Medium

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