3 Ways To Beat Pro-Life A**holes On The Abortion Debate

There are many stubborn, anti-choice pro-lifers out there. Here are some great points to make the next time you are stuck in a debate with one of them.

1. Mention The Moral Continuum.

The issue (or any issue really) isn’t always black and white. A moral continuum is a range of ideas from things that are completely morally wrong to those that are completely right. Not every issue is so simple. There is a whole spectrum to it. It is not just about abortion being wrong or right. There is also the issue of whether it is right or wrong to bring an unwanted child into the world. For some, that violates their morals.

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2.Challenge The Personhood Concept.

Many pro-lifers believe in the “personhood” concept, which advocates that a fetus is a baby. The concept advocates that a fetus is a person, and it has been used to charge people with the murder of a fetus when a pregnant woman is murdered.

We can say:

“A person can think and feel. My cat can feel hungry or hurt or curious or content; an embryo cannot. / Thanks to better and better pregnancy tests, over 60 percent of abortions now occur before 9 weeks of gestation. Want to see what they actually look like?”

3. Opposition To Contraception Causes High Abortion Rates

Many pro-lifers oppose contraception as well, which is ridiculous. Contraception would prevent unwanted pregnancies. What you can tell them is:

“Obstructing contraceptive knowledge and access causes abortion and unwanted babies. That’s what’s immoral. We have the technology to prevent almost all of the suffering and expense caused by unintended pregnancy, but many women don’t have access to that information or technology because of the twisted moral priorities of religious and cultural conservatives.”

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