2013 Tweet From Sean Hannity About Syria Comes Back To Bite Him Right On His Smug A*s

Sean Hannity is a smug sack of human excrement who just loves to pretend he has a clue about things he really knows next to nothing about. Oh, and he also loves to kiss Donald Trump’s ass anytime it’s presented before him for worshipful attention.

So it seems only fair that karma would come looking for Hannity in the form of a tweet he posted in 2013. And when it found him, it slapped him upside his shit-eating grin until he was even dumber than before.

First, here’s the tweet on the subject of President Obama and Syria:

Yes, he’s referring to President Obama, but he might just as well have been talking about his BFF Donald Trump, who was at his Florida estate, Mar-a Lago, when he made the decision on Thursday to launch cruise missiles at a Syrian air base.

And that’s where karma–in the form of other Twitter users–decided to kick Hannity’s ass up one side and down the other:

Perhaps we should create a special hashtag for Sean Hannity. Something like, #hannityisahack. Hey, it’s got a nice ring to it!

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