2 Terrifying Phrases Are Hitting All-Time Highs On Google Search

Admit it: Without Google, we’d all be lost. I personally use Google Search at least a dozen times a day. When in doubt, I go to Google. Chances are you do, too.

But in recent days, Google Search has turned a shade or two darker, with two phrases reaching all-time highs in the past week. Can you guess what they are? Take a look:

  • World War 3
  • Trump War

Here’s “World War 3,” which you can clearly tell has done a major spike in recent days:

Not far down the list of most-increased searches are the terms “Syria World War 3,” “Going To War,” and “Russia US War.”

It’s no accident that these phrases are showing up more often on searches. After all, we have a delusional man-child in the White House who has the personal control of a 2-year-old, is in the midst of a scandal which could well end his presidency, and is way down in the public opinion polls. How does a narcissist get your attention when nothing else is working? Well, if he has the world’s most powerful military at his disposal, he fires off cruise missiles or drops ginormous bombs on Afghan caves.

Donald Trump carries a card with him at all times. It’s referred to as “the biscuit.” On that card are the launch codes for the American nuclear arsenal. And none of us need Google to figure out what a delusional asshole with nothing to lose is capable of doing when backed into a corner.


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