Even The AMA Thinks The GOP’s So-Called Healthcare Plan SUCKS

This week, the GOP unveiled their long-awaited replacement for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), otherwise known as Obamacare. It is called the American Health Care Act (AHCA), and it is just as horrible as we all imagined.

The American Medical Association, a big lobbying group for doctors, has come out against the bill saying it would, “would result in millions of Americans losing coverage and benefits.”

The American Hospital Association said:

“We are very concerned that the draft legislative proposal being considered by the House committees could lead to tremendous instability for those seeking affordable coverage.”

Even some insurers, such as AARP are opposing it.

Are these Republicans ever going to learn that no one likes this plan? It replaces the income-based subsidies for premiums with a flat tax based on age. Someone making $24,000 and someone making $74,000 would get the SAME tax cut!

As far as pre-existing conditions are concerned, you can be penalized for that if you go two months without coverage. It is ridiculous irresponsible, and millions of people may not be able to afford coverage.

Dr. James L Madara, chief executive of the American Medical Association, said:

“As you consider this legislation over the coming days and weeks, we hope that you will keep upmost in your mind the potentially life-altering impact your decisions will have on millions of Americans who may see their public, individual or even employer-provided health care coverage changed or eliminated.”

These GOP morons need to get their heads out of their fucking asses! They just want to stick it to former President Barack Obama by undoing everything he did. People are going to die because of their plans. They need to think about that when they go to sleep at night.

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